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Victorian Window

Victorian windows are an energy-efficient window system, framed with a timber composite and aluminum profiles. (Available with either high-performance single-glazing or the thermal efficiency of double-glazing).Aluminum is the preferred framing material for residential windows in Pakistan because its low-maintenance is ideal for external surfaces exposed to weather. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and unless a frame is thermally broken, many of the energy-efficient benefits of high-performance double-glazing are compromised. Natural timber is aesthetically pleasing, but has last favor with consumers because research suggested that the ideal window should combine the external low maintenance characteristics of aluminum, with the beauty of natural timber. Designed properly, the internal timber profiles act as a perfect natural thermal break to the conductivity of the aluminum glazing system.


In practical terms, a home with clear, double-glazed ALCOM Victoria Series Windows require 25% less heating as well as cooling than a home fitted with single-glazed aluminum windows. Energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, strong, and secure, the ALCOM Victoria Series window combines the beauty of natural timber, diar, red marandi, teak, ash, beach, mahogany red, and white oak or according to the choice of the customer. Externally, it has the practicality of Pvdf wood grain/powder-coated aluminum Internally (insect screen optional).